Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery of SONshine Preschool

Boy in daycare on a tractor Preschool boy petting a duck Preschool class with a police officer Preschool student with a cucumber Preschool children with a firetruck and a fireman SONshine Christian Preschool students doing crafts outside            Children praying at SONshine school in Nevada City, CA            Students playing in planter            Preschool students wearing bracelets             SONshine Christian Preschool children making cake batter             Kids playing with stuffed animals             Preschool student looking at a duck             Boy with a duck on his knee             Boy making cookie dough             Two boys playing on slide at Christian preschool in Nevada City                       Boy going down a slide at Sonshine Preschool                       Early childhood learning through a boy reading a book.                       Playground in Nevada County                       Outdoor facility for Christian preschool in Nevada City, CA                     Playground for Sonshine Preschool in Nevada County